My Africa Zebra Throw – Black/Dark Beige


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The My Africa Zebra Throw – Black/Dark Beige is inspired by the zebra. The zebra is recognised around the world by its distinctive black and white striped coat. Throughout the generations, the zebra has been the subject of many vibrant African folk tales of how it got its unique stripes. According to the ancient people of Namibia, the zebra was once all white and only acquired its black stripes after fighting with a baboon over a water hole. The zebra kicked the baboon so hard, that it lost its balance and stumbled into the baboon’s fire. Sticks from the fire left scorch marks on the zebra’s white coat, creating the black stripes. Some believe that when zebras come together, their combined stripes act as camouflage which confuses their predators. This is why a herd of zebras is called a ‘dazzle’. Spiritually, the zebra is a symbol of individuality and intuition. It is also lauded for its agility and sure-footedness.

  • 100% super soft acrylic
  • Triple jacquard weave
  • Open selvedge
  • 360gsm
  • 140cm x 180cm


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